3 Smart Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Service Business Website



A few years ago, a friend of mine had some bad luck.

His service business was banned from Google search results. Suddenly, he found himself with near-zero leads coming in.

This meant near-zero business.

Leads are important.

But for a service business? They are the lifeblood of your marketing efforts.

If your website isn't bringing in new leads consistently, you're going to be in trouble.

It’s a ‘feast or famine’ cycle. Business can be great one month.

But the next, revenue can take a dive.

But not to worry. There is a long-term cure for this. It’s called a sales funnel.

But it's also a lot of work, which is why we sell a done-for-you sales funnel service.

Many small business owners, like you, need this type of long-term strategy.

But right now, you might just be trying to generate leads to keep your business afloat.  

So I’m going to show you three easy ways to generate more leads on your website.

It's as easy as adding a couple of key webpages and making tweaks to your copy.

Use these tactics, and you’ll notice your list of leads growing longer and longer.

Lead Generation Tip #1: “Charge” for Access to See Your Pricing


Implementing this tip works, because it turns window-shoppers into leads.

The screenshot you see above is from Authentic Martial Arts, a small business selling martial arts classes. We worked with them to increase their leads dramatically.

The key was in this simple step.

Instead of allowing visitors to self-navigate to the pricing page (and bounce if they didn’t make a buying decision), we “charged” them to see the pricing.

When they clicked ‘see pricing,’ visitors were asked for their email address to gain access to the pricing page.

This tactic serves two purposes.

You will turn regular pricing page traffic into a list of qualified leads.

And having a barrier to pricing increases your service’s value in your prospect’s eyes.

Exclusivity is a driving force of desirability. If consumers can’t get something right away, it must be in high demand.

Here are the three components you need to use this strategy:

  1. A landing page that describes your service in detail (so your prospects know what you do and why they want to see your pricing)homepage
  2. A landing page just for your pricing (to showcase your pricing when someone clicks through)
  3. Pricing packages (decide on the pricing presentation format: 5-10 min. video vs. pricing table)00001521

The key is to frame price as the value the customer will get. A pricing table helps you lay out different benefits of each package.

Simply implement this tip to stop qualified leads from bouncing off your site.

Lead Generation Tip #2: Include an ‘About’ Page


Hubspot, one of the largest inbound marketing blogs on the internet, says your About page is one of the 4 most important pages on your site.

It provides a point of contact for starting relationships with future customers.

It’s also one of the most overlooked by businesses constructing their website. Because it’s not as front-of-mind as the landing page or checkout page, people neglect theirs.

For a service business, this can be a costly mistake.

Having a strong About page is especially important for you, because often, like in the case of Authentic Martial Arts, your prospects are your neighbors.

They live down the street. Or they are just a phone call away.

An effective About page may not be paramount for a huge business like McDonald’s.

But for the new bakery down the street, it can kick off that neighborly relationship before the customer walks through your door.

Locals investing in a small business will want to know who they are giving their time and money. They will want to put a face to a name.

An effective About page will accomplish that.

And in the process, it will persuade prospects to trust your service, thus converting more leads.

Here’s three quick tips to remember when you create your About page:

  1. Tell your story—when did you start your business? Why did you do it? What inspires you? Don’t overthink the details, but don’t be too vague, either. The little things matter.

  2. Show who's on your team—your team is important to your business. People identify with faces, so they want to know who is on the other side. Give them a little bit of information.team
  3. End it with a Call To Action—if they commit to reading the entire page, give them a subtle nudge as to what they need to do next (i.e. “Why not visit us at our address to taste our homemade apple pie for yourself?”)

Think of it like ‘speed dating’ prospects. You have a page-length to get them enticed with your business.

Lead Generation Tip #3: Get Targeted Leads by Calling Out Your Target Customer


This last tip revolves around getting the right leads.

In the past, I've been resistant to the idea of “niching” down and focusing on one kind of business.

But recently, I changed my mind.

Watching my friend Lawrence Watkins build his first business, Great Black Speakers, has inspired me.

He picked a very specific niche (African American speakers for colleges and events) and more easily dominated that market.

Focusing on this one market meant greater appeal to people and institutions searching for African American speakers on a specific topic.

Defining a specific clientele is potentially one of the best growth hacks you can implement for your business.

Look how directed his copy is to his target market:


By focusing your copy, you make it harder for non-specialized competitors to compete with you.

People like hiring a specialist for their needs.

If prospects see you have the experience and knowledge to handle their problem, they are more likely to convert.

Combine this tactic with the previous two strategies, and you’ll see your leads become much more qualified.


Remember my friend whose service business was banned from Google results?

A couple years later, he got re-listed on Google.

But in the years between, while he was paying for ads, we at AutoGrow helped him generate more leads.

And thanks to the expert copywriting we provided, those leads were much more qualified.

Service businesses live and die by the number of leads they get.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for generating leads online.

But you can implement these three steps today to get the ball rolling.

In the long term, you should aim to build a high converting sales funnel. With one, you’ll never have to worry about when your next leads are coming in.

But like I said, it takes time. And as a business owner, your time is valuable.

That’s why we specialize in building sales funnels for service businesses.

Sales funnels that will take your website to a lead-generating machine, where each step is designed to convert prospects.

You won’t have to lift a finger.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can read more about how it works here.

If you want to put in the hours yourself, make sure you follow the points we discussed in this article for generating more leads.

As a service business, getting more leads means much more business—so you need to make sure your website is working as hard as you are.

Now answer this: what’s the first thing you can do today to start generating leads for your service business?

Let me know in the comments.

Keep Hustlin’, Stay focused,



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