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  • 7 Different Types of Leadership Styles You Should Be Using

    Leadership is everything in an organization. And that applies to anything from a mom-and-pop shop to an Army battalion. When leadership is lacking, you will see the adverse effects of it. Everyone on your team starts losing passion. Productivity plummets. Customer satisfaction takes a nosedive. People start getting killed. Okay, maybe people don’t get killed.
  • How To Handle 11 Common B2B Sales Objections You Dread 😟

    Closing a deal is tough work. From generating leads to coming up with a personalized script, there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into the sales process. And just when you think it’s all about to pay off, your prospect gets flaky. You know, there’s always some sort of objection for not
  • Color Psychology: How Colors Influence Your Marketing & Brand

    Have you ever gone into a store to look for something but ended up spending more time with other products? Do you remember being attracted by the colors of the packaging? Or have you ever been fond of a company because of the colors in their logo design? How about the color scheme of a
  • Top 15 Logo Redesigns from Top Companies

    One of the most common things your business is known for is its logo. And everywhere your brand goes, the logo follows it. Logos play a pivotal role in how consumers identify with a brand. But sometimes logos need to be redesigned due to how outdated they become. Or just the fact that the previous

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