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  • 9 Ideas To Create a Brilliant Employee Development Plan 👌

    Have you ever been so good at something that you got bored of it? For me, I recall my days playing the video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour. When I first started out, I stank. But roughly a thousand virtual rounds of golf later, and I was a master. See, the game wasn’t challenging anymore,
  • 13 Crucial Skills for Your Agency’s Social Media Manager

    Got your copywriters? Check. Got your designers? Check. Got your developers? Check. Got your editors? Check. But what you may be overlooking is a social media manager. And no, social media can’t just be managed by a college intern. See, it’s easy to overlook this crucial position. You might just delegate social to your copywriters
  • Instagram on Steroids: How To Get More Likes for Free

    If you want to market to millennials and Gen Z, forget about Facebook. Facebook has gone the way of the dinosaurs. I’m sorry, it’s been taken over by the dinosaurs. Instagram is where the younger consumers are at. 62.1% of its user base is 34 years old or younger, according to Statista. You can probably
  • Top 13 Metrics To Revamp Your Recruitment Funnel 💪

    Imagine if you could hire the perfect candidate every single time you had an open position to fill. That would be great, wouldn’t it? In the past, we’ve written a lot about how to help you accomplish your hiring goals, such as using I-O psychology to select the right candidates. But one thing that hasn’t been

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