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  • 13 Examples of What A PR Blunder Can Do to Your Business

    Picture this: You’re the regional manager of a B2B paper supplier that sells online. And someone in one of your manufacturing facilities decides to play a prank and add an obscene watermark on every sheet of paper sold to your customers. The watermark involves a certain cartoon duck and mouse. Then, you have news reporters
  • 15 Types of Pricing Strategies Guaranteed To Boost Sales

    Unless your customer base consists of a bunch of Elon Musks, price is one of the most influential factors when it comes to your marketing mix. Put yourself in the shoes of your typical customer. The last time you bought a tech product, was price a factor? What about when you need shoes? The list
  • A Guide to the 5 Stages of a SaaS Customer Life Cycle 😁

    Think of the last time you made a high-ticket purchase. Something north of $200. It’s pretty unlikely that you bought it impulsively. Instead, you probably took your time. You hopped on Google. Read customer reviews. Checked out some videos. Maybe you even asked your friends and family about their opinions. After all, you’re spending a
  • 19 Mind-Blowing SEO Stats To Improve Your Inbound Marketing

    Let me share a quick story with you. Back in my junior year of college, I was new to marketing. I vaguely understood the role of content marketing. Never mind knowing a thing about SEO. So I wrote this long blog post as an assignment. And I thought it was the best thing ever. After

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