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  • Honor Before Money – Part 2

    From Part 1: The scientist thought it was funny. The only way to get to the sky was to keep on digging. The three great thinkers decided every person should dig out tunnels away from PetoVera in hope of finding new people. Chiseling away at cold rock might sound shitty to you but everyone was
  • Stop Wasting Your Time Building Multiple Websites at Once

    Stop it. No really, please. It’s painful watching others make the same mistake that I have already made in the past, which is 1 business brand, but multiple websites being built and launched to promote it. Unless you’re a Fortune 500, an info-products company where you don’t care about design and all you want is
  • Honor Before Money – Part 1

    Cracked out darkness swamped over the ash-plagued land. Dead elephants lay sprawled across the ground with decaying corpses, decorated only by brass harnesses and ivory jewels.  The land called [            ] had been completely erased. No memories remained. A small resistance group hid themselves miles beneath the shelled land. And,
  • How to Create a Fast, Efficient Hiring Process (Without Hurting Quality)

    The other night, I was doing some light planning for our implementation of Fuild (our wicked fast, custom web development process). I reviewed an old flow chart of the system as I listed down key features. At the end of this session though, I thought to myself, to get the process going, what are the

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