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  • Authentic Marketing: The Little-Known Way to Grow a Business & Get Noticed

    college-classroom-teachingI was 19 when I first fell in love with entrepreneurship and the idea building a successful company. It grew out of the idea that the experience would be filled with adventure, and that I could become wealthy while also being an artist. As I got older, and once I got beyond the misguided hype
  • Growth Report – March 2014

    Greetings, and I hope you enjoy this second ever AutoGrow monthly growth report for March 2014. My goal is to build a business that can grow with a certain level of predictability and consistency. To do that, I’m focused daily on what I can actually measure through our online marketing efforts, i.e. social media following,
  • Q&A Tuesday – How Do You Create Content & Find Research to Support It?

    google webmaster tools keyword content ideasThis is the first in what may turn into a weekly post where I give an indepth answer to one question from our blog readers. I will try to pick specific questions that also have broad appeal in terms of the answers being able to help the small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers in our
  • 7 Quick Wins in Your Email Marketing Strategy (#5 More Than Doubled My Opt-in Rate)

    slick salesmanHas anyone ever promised you “insane” results — if you just buy their product? If you’re in business, chances are you’ve heard offers like that. A couple of years go, I actually lost $4,000 on an offer like this. The individual pitching me was using an aggressive sales technique that played on my emotions. He

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