15 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work

You know how you feel on top of the world when…

… you’ve crossed every item off your to do list ✅

…checked in with every one of your agency’s clients to ensure they’re receiving a 5-star service ✅

…and still have time left over to boost company morale?

Kidding. Neither do I.

But sounds pretty great though, doesn’t it?

Well, the truth is it’s not as impossible as it sounds.

In fact, one way to get much closer to this kind of utopian existence is to delegate some (or actually all!) of your agency’s client work.

That’s right, I’m talking about outsourcing baby!

Most of our clients from our digital marketing done-for-you service are agencies just like you.

And they all come to AutoGrow with the same problem, “we can no longer handle all of our clients’ accounts but at the same time, we want to keep growing our agency. Can you help us, Matt?”

And hey, they’ve come to the right place!

That’s why today, I couldn’t help but show you how to significantly scale your agency.

In this article, I’ll reveal:

  • The main benefits (there are plenty more but I focused on the key ones) that outsourcing some or all of your clients’ work will bring into your agency.
  • How you can actually improve retention rates and keep your existing clients happier by delegating to an outsourcer.
  • And the one outsourcer that will take care of ALL of your clients’ accounts without having to deal with hiring and firing.

Best of all? When you outsource, you get credit for the work someone else does for you. What’s not to like?

Alright, ready to start getting better results for your agency?

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You Should No Longer Be Handling All of Your Clients’ Work

In the current climate for many digital marketing agencies, it no longer makes sense to handle your agency’s client work 100% in-house.

Outsourcing provides a great and profitable way to cut costs and increase productivity as well as client service and employee satisfaction.


So are you ready to start reviewing the benefits outsourcing your clients’ work can bring in to your agency?

Let’s start!

#1 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Deliver Faster Service & Turnaround Times

Have you ever been to McDonald’s, asked for some french fries, and after 1, 5, 10 long minutes of not receiving your order, you just wanted to complain about the “slow” service?

It’s happened to all of us and it happens all the time to your clients.

They not only expect but demand fast turnaround times for the work you’re completing for them. And not to mention they feel entitled to receive fast responses whenever they have questions about anything.

But what happens when you manage all your clients accounts by yourself?

What happens when your copywriter needs to write 5 articles in one day if according to OrbitMedia, it takes 3 hours and 55 minutes to write a blog?


Or what happens if your running into issues with your email development, which Litmus says takes a week or longer for 77% of marketers?

Moreover, what happens with all the time you’re spending keeping up with changes in SEO and iOS updates instead of actually executing the work for your clients and your own business?

All the work, all the communication, all the billing, all the tasks, all the “all” pushes you into the wrong direction…

Each day only has 24 hours. And your time is valuable and limited.

So if you cannot fulfill the demand of all of your clients’ work, then deadlines are not going to be met.

And clients will end up receiving the work late (like the McDonald’s french fries that get to your hands centuries later when you’re starving).

And because of my own experience with AutoGrow’s done-for-you service (which most of our clients are agencies by the way), the majority of clients (like 99.99%) want fast turnaround times.

And that’s actually why we just moved towards that.

Our clients want a sales page copy? We’ll write it and send it to them in 24 hours.

Our clients want a 6-email sequence written? We’ll write it and send it to them in 24 hours.

Because a faster delivery of your service will improve your client retention rate.

So when you actually delegate or outsource some or all of your clients’ work, you’ll be able to deliver and respond to clients faster.

Because outsourcing simply enables your agency to deliver faster service by putting more people on the job.

And especially when there are people working in different time zones, that means that you can have around the clock productivity.

Now tell me something, how are you liking the idea of getting your clients’ work done faster than ever?

Loving it, right?

Outsourcing: 1. Keeping it all in-house: 0.

Let’s move to the next one…

#2 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Offer Better Quality Work for Your Clients

Quality assurance boosts conversions.

This means that if you want your clients’ work to really convert, then you need to offer high-quality deliverables.

But to do this, you need to have a number of team members that can actually meet the quality standards your clients demand.

So for example, assigning the right tasks to the right people is critical. Because your employees should be focused on tasks that relate to their strengths and skill sets.

Research from Gallup implies that the best leaders focus on employee strengths and thereby increase team productivity by 12.5% every day.

But what happens when you don’t have the team capacity to deliver high-quality work for your clients?

What happens when your team members need to rush to deliver something on time just so the client doesn’t get upset?

What happens when team members have to keep switching between tasks?

Research by the American Psychological Association (APA) says that even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40% of someone’s productive time.

And studies cited by the Washington Post suggest that your employees are getting interrupted once every 3 minutes—costing U.S companies nearly $1 trillion per year.

So to not sacrifice the quality of the work you do for your clients, you need to outsource your clients’ work.

Because when your team can focus for longer periods of time, they will deliver better assets.

And delivering better assets is going to contribute to building rapport with clients and to keep them happy with the quality of your work.

Ok, now that you’re seeing the benefits of reading this article, let’s continue reviewing the rest of the benefits outsourcing has to offer you.

#3 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Improved Breadth & Depth of Resources

A common misconception about outsourcing your agency’s client work is that it will compromise the quality of work.

And nothing could be further from the truth if you hire a reputable outsourced provider to delegate your agency and clients’ work.

All you have to do is optimize your operations by leveraging people or teams that are experts in their fields.

For example, at AutoGrow, we’re experts at working on any of these 29 digital marketing projects and tasks.

And when clients delegate their work to us, they gain access to a complete marketing team of passionate experts.

With our team, clients don’t have to decide between hiring the person who writes persuasive copy or the person who excels at design. They simply have access to both.

So when you outsource your clients’ work, just make sure you hire the right company for that.

And of course, be sure to know exactly what their service really offers.

For example, according to Fronetic, 44% of agencies offer writing services. And 41% offer design services.


So knowing who you’ll partner with and what type of work they can complete for your agency will let you avoid classic mistakes digital marketing agencies make.

And you’ll rest assured that all your clients’ work is being taken care of by good hands.

Doesn’t it feel good?

#4 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: All-In-One Team at Your Fingertips

Nowadays, outsourcer providers have access to skills and tools that you or your team may not have.

And that’s one big benefit from outsourcing your agency’s client work!

You see, if one of your clients is an eCommerce store and you don’t know anything (or little) about their industry, then you’ll need help, right?

Because you need an expert who knows for example the right conversion design tactics for landing pages.

Or an expert who knows how to create a sales funnel for eCommerce stores.

None of these things you’ll be able to do if you don’t relay those complex tasks to someone who knows.

At the end of the day, you’re only human and can’t possibly be an expert in every single niche there is.

And that’s where outsourcing and delegating comes in.

When you delegate your clients’ work to an outsourcer like AutoGrow, you get a full-stack marketing team available 24/7.

You’re automatically assigned a team of copywriters, designers, web developers, project managers, apps managers, ads managers, strategists, and more.

We’re the car getting you wherever you want to go.

You’re in the driver’s seat in full control of the journey. And we take you where you want to be.

Your clients need a landing page written? Our copywriters will write it for you.

Your clients need a full website redesign? Our designers will redesign it for you.

Your clients need their email automation set up? Our apps manager will set it up for you.

So one of the biggest benefits from outsourcing and delegating your clients’ work is that you get a full-stack team specialized in every digital marketing area.

And you don’t have to learn new boring stuff you just don’t want to deal with!

Want to scale your agency like crazy so you can deliver results for more clients? AutoGrow.co is the place to start by letting you delegate your marketing projects without the typical headaches of hiring. Start Your Trial Today.

#5 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: More Competitive Pricing

Besides being able to delver results for your clients, they’ll also be highly influenced by your price points.

According to an Accenture survey, competitive pricing is the most important factor among your target audience of business professionals, with 27% of respondents citing this factor.

A solid partnership with an outsourcing provider for your agency can lower the costs of labor. Like a full-time marketing department without the huge expenses.


So, rather than hiring out full-time employees, providing costly benefits, and basically adding more and more to your overhead, you can simply outsource the work.

And for agencies who have a close eye on their margins and are trying to expand, those cost savings can make a huge difference.

What’s more, this also allows you to pass along those savings to customers or improve your own profitability margins.

As such, your business becomes more competitive.

So when you outsource your agency’s client work, you not only get higher quality work, faster turnaround times, and a full-stack team specialized in every field, but you also get to offer more affordable pricing to your clients.

And who doesn’t like saving and spending less?

#6 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Decreased Overhead Costs

Let’s get back to overhead costs.

Outsourcing enables your agency to convert fixed costs like full-time salaries, software, tools, etc. into a variable cost that ebb and flow.

Because those fixed costs are for the outsourcing provider to worry about—not you.

And cutting costs is the main reason why agencies like yours outsource in the first place according to InfoQ.


So if your agency is starting out or you don’t know how to scale your agency, it can be difficult to spend money on tasks that normally fall on you or your team.

But rather than thinking about the extra money you’ll spend, think of it as an investment in the growth and productivity of your business and your team.

And when you decrease overhead costs, you free up cash flow so you can invest in other parts of your business like for example in digital marketing agency tools.

So invest in tech and infrastructure. Improve your info products. Reach into a new business vertical. Impress potential clients by demonstrating the agility provided by extra room in cash flow for revenue-generating initiatives.

#7 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Greater Focus on Core Business Activities

Can you imagine if you could hand off all of your and your clients’ lead gen, content marketing, email marketing campaigns, web design, etc. to an expert that you know would handle it with the kind of care you thought only you could provide?

It is possible.

Outsourcing and delegating your clients’ work actually lets you have more time, focus, and energy that you could put into scaling your agency.

And when you do outsource, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would you do with that extra time, focus, and energy?
  • What kind of improvements would the clients you currently have benefit from?
  • Which areas of your agency would you prioritize growing?

Once you put the work you can no longer handle in the hands of capable, talented people, you can scale your business faster.

Because when you delegate your digital marketing tasks and projects to qualified third party service providers, you can allocate more time and greater focus to the needs of your clients.

So what are you waiting for to start outsourcing?

Alright. Don’t answer that question yet until we get to the last benefit.

#8 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Saves You Time Hiring & Training New Employees

Recruiting and training new employees can take out a chunk of your limited time and money.

And as reported by MarTech, just 20% of agencies think filling open positions is easy.

Because a complete hiring funnel that guarantees you recruit only the right people takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

It lets you avoid bad hires that could actually hurt your business growth.

And when you don’t even know how to craft an email recruiting template, hiring can be daunting.

But when you outsource your clients’ work, then you skip the hassles of hiring.

You’re getting access to a team of experts that are already hired and trained to do your clients’ work.

So if you want to skip all of these headaches:

  • Employee turnover being disruptive, time-consuming, and costly.
  • When someone quits, all that money you spent hiring and training them walks out the door with them.
  • There’s a risk that they may leave a bad review—although you know how to turn a bad review into a marketing win 💪.
  • Hiring is expensive. U.S. corporations spend nearly $72 billion each year on hiring according to Forbes.
  • Recruiting a bad hire can cost you nearly $15,000 according to CareerBuilder.



…then you need to outsource. Simple.

Because outsourcing provides consistency and alleviates those types of headaches you simply don’t deserve having to deal with.

#9 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Commitment to Improve Your Business & Processes

Let’s face it, digital marketing is becoming more complex each day.

There are always new trends, digital marketing tools, new software—the list goes on.

It’s hard to keep up with digital marketing’s fast pace.

But as the industry evolves, so does your commitment to improvement.

When you outsource your digital marketing work from your agency to a trusted partner, your outsourcer will help you keep up with what’s new out there.

Therefore, you’ll be able to have more time to polish any areas of your business that need more attention.

You know, like working on becoming more innovative.

Or like finding new recruiting strategies for your hiring funnel. Or simply investing in cheap advertising tactics to market your business.

Because if you’re going to keep your clients on the cutting edge of marketing developments, you need to keep your own business there too.

So to sum up, best practices are evolving at warp-speed right now in every area of the industry—for content marketing, SEO, data analytics, web design, etc.

And partnering with a reliable digital marketing outsourcing company as a reinforcement will help your agency to remain on that cutting edge.

And won’t you want to remain on that cutting edge?

#10 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Tasks Can Be Delegated on an As-Needed Basis

One of the beauties of outsourcing is that it enables your agency to bring in more muscle when you need it and cut back when you don’t.

It’s a great way to increase people-power in heavy seasons or during projects where you expect more opportunities.

And when you outsource to the right company, then you can actually delegate your work on an as-needed basis.

What does that mean?

Well, not all your clients are going to need the same amount of work being done.

Or they’re not going to need all the work on the same day.

That’s why it’s so important to outsource to a team that you can actually delegate the work to any day at any time.

It’s actually what our clients do.

Whenever they need a project or task done, they come to us and delegate it through our web app.

From their phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet—they tell us what they need and we work on it.

And best of all, they take 100% credit for the work!

#11 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Wider & Deeper Network of Relationships

Networking is important in any business.

And outsourcing provides the opportunity for your agency to build relationships with some of the best people in your industry.

Building connections has a way of driving referrals for new clients, learning about new strategies for business growth, and developing new collaborative partnerships.

So if you thought the benefits of outsourcing your agency’s client work was all about saving money and time, you’re wrong.

It’s also about establishing authority, building rapport, and connecting with other clients and experts in your industry.

#12 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: A Second (or Third) Pair of Eyes Will Give You New Insights & Perspective

It never hurts to have an extra fresh set of eyes to check on something, right?

That lets you see new perspectives and uncover actionable insights about any specific topic.

Because let’s say before you outsource your client’s work to X business, your clients were unhappy with the work you delivered.

When you outsource that work to that X business, you’ll be able to know their thoughts or feedback about the work your clients didn’t like.

You’ll be getting useful insights about your sales funnel strategy and quality of work and copy.

And those insights will let you know how to improve those deliverables for future clients.

That’s why outsourcing any specific service like web development, design, strategy, or copy is so important.

But so many companies fail here.

In fact, according to OrbitMedia, only 23% of businesses actually use an editor for reviewing copy.


And bloggers who work with an editor actually get better results.


So having an extra pair of eyes will help you improve the quality of deliverables you create for your clients, your overall strategy and processes—and that will help you get more clients for your marketing agency!

#13 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Reduced Stress for You, Your Clients, & Your Team

What would it be like if you could actually run your agency stress-free?

Hey, it’s possible!

And that’s the last benefit outsourcing your agency’s client work offers you.

Having a team that handles all your clients’ work for you and more—expectations, deadlines, phones ringing, emails dinging—your agency will be on the right path towards growth.

Because there’s always more work than there is time to do it. And you need an outsourcer to take care of that!

And not to mention that your team wants more than just backbreaking loads of work.

In fact, according to Michael Hyatt, more than 70% of entrepreneurs have self-reported mental health issues related to pressure and stress.


Not only that, but a Colonial Health study found that 41% of people feeling stressed are less productive. And that’s just the people admitting it.


Then you also have to remember that millennials are less loyal to their employers than their older counterparts and put a bigger emphasis on their personal interests.

So companies that are looking to acquire and keep the best and brightest among millennial talent must offer good work-life balance, interesting and innovative work, and flexibility.

#14 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Optimize Existing Content

As an agency, you’re probably busy enough dealing with new client projects.

So, you may not always have the time to tweak some of that older content.

Since your outsourcer will have access to resources you may be unaware of and possesses knowledge that your agency doesn’t, you can expect old content to come to life.

Anything from new graphic designs to industry insights, an outsourcer will give your clients’ existing content a fresh brush up.

For example, you know that old low-performing  article on your client’s blog? Well, an outsourcer can give it a traffic boost with updated stats, new backlinks, and high-quality visuals.

According to Databox, they saw a 75% increase in website traffic after editing 24 old blog posts.

Besides that, if your outsourcing provider excels in certain areas, they could even re-purpose existing content in a way that maximizes potential.

Say that your client has a blog post walking readers through how they helped a customer solve a problem.

Well, it shouldn’t end there.

If I were in charge of your agency, I’d want to turn that blog post into a PDF format. That way, you can turn it into gated content that captures lead contact information.

But again, with only so much time, your hands are tied.

However, with outsourcing, you can deliver even better results for your clients as your new partner can focus on existing content.

#15 Benefit of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work: Less (Or No) Investment in Training

Training your workers is a pretty expensive endeavor.

According to Training Magazine, companies spend over $1,000 per employee every year on training.

And for smaller companies like yours, that figure is even higher at more than $1,600 per employee.

Plus, there’s the fact that jobseekers as well as your employees both expect you to provide learning opportunities.

In fact, LinkedIn’s research shows that 94% of workers would stay with their company longer if it invested in helping them learn more skills.

And a survey from Amdocs revealed that 56% of employees expect their employers to offer training and development.

So if your agency can’t meet these common demands from the workforce, you can’t expect to keep your retention rate from plummeting.

But between not having the time and not acquiring the resources to invest in training, what can you do?


Well, of course the answer is outsourcing.

As you partner with a team of seasoned veterans in the marketing industry, you rely less on the capabilities of your internal team.

That way, training them is not as big of a deal and it won’t cripple you.

You can look at it as having your own little team that’s already trained and ready to go.

As for the upskilling needs of your “team”, that’s not your problem, it’s up to the leaders of the outsourcing provider you choose (do know that AutoGrow is always empowering its marketing specialists with new skills and expanding responsibility for each employee over time).

With the right team, you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on keeping your employees’ skills up to date.


Download the “15 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Client Work” so you won’t forget to take action on it later. Click here to download it now.

So are you feeling inspired now?

Are you beginning to see how your agency, your clients, and your team could benefit from outsourcing and delegating some or all of your agency’s client work?

And just as important, are you beginning to see how outsourcing can benefit you?

I covered a lot of benefits that agencies—both large and small—can experience by outsourcing. And here are some of the most important key takeaways:

  • You’ll prove that your agency is committed to innovation and agile ways of working.
  • You’ll demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a laser-focused approach to long-term success for your organization.
  • You’ll inspire confidence in your employees, your clients, your investors, and yourself by taking that step to finding the right partner to support your agency as you head into the future.

And all of these things are able to be accomplished more efficiently when your agency outsources work to reputable companies.

Of course, if you don’t know any reputable outsourcers, then you could always try AutoGrow.

With us, you can outsource any digital marketing or creative work to us through our web app.

We’re your behind-the-scenes team that gets the work done for you and your clients.

And if you want to learn more about what else we can do for you, just watch our demo now.

So tell me something, are you going to keep grinding away doing it all yourself the old-fashioned way?

Or… are you going to take a step toward the future and accept the support and expertise of an outsourced partner to take your agency to the next level?

Let me know in the comments below.

Keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused.

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  1. One of the top reasons small businesses tend to outsource work is because it will get done quicker. If you’re working with a limited number of staff members, you can get things done a whole lot quicker by passing time-consuming tasks on to freelancers or external agencies. I love the way you provide info in this article and audience who will come to read or finding such information may also like it.

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