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Customer Success

Since 2010 over 800,000 start-ups, freelancers, agencies, & consultants have benefited from our content and online trainings. Here are a few that you might find relevant...

“We’re getting a lot of consultations that we were not getting before. I’ve already recommended AutoGrow to 10 people. It’s probably one of the best ROIs you can get.”

 Daniel Hutt Retargeting Consultant, Owner at Inbound Ascension

“The leads we’re getting are easier to close because they’re more qualified… We’re also getting a ton more repeat business. Immediately after turning on our first mini sales funnel we received two pre-qualified leads and at least four other non-qualified leads. We do a lot of work with Fortune 500 companies so even a few leads to start is significant.” Russell Kommer Executive VP, eSoftware Associates

“Just got access and read through 10% of it — seems really helpful for people who want to understand a productive way of doing online marketing. I practice a more ‘radical’ form of this called ‘benevolent marketing’ which Matt covers in the ‘Advanced’ lesson. But for a business owner or marketer looking to save time and learn content marketing &&sales and funnels, this reads like a good story and helps get them to that next level.”  

George Kao 

"Your training program is the single best investment I have made (and I don't say that lightly)." ​ Andrew Prickett Entrepreneur

“When it comes to turning ice cold leads into steamy hot sales, Matt is your guy. I watched him build a 6 figure sales funnel for a large, undisclosed client with an online membership offer in only 60 days.” Giles Thomas Owner, Whole Design Studies  

"The way that the course is written, like a story, is very engaging and I learned a lot from this. I am doing every single checklist, and now I see my startup in a completly different way."

Roysam Rueda Nutriviaje

“I’ve had the opportunity to make a lot of interesting observations after interviewing over 1000 entrepreneurs since Mixergy began. One pattern I noticed was that businesses who were successful at scaling with online marketing built a sales engine. This gave their business consistency and saved time. For instance, before my first company, Bradford & Reed, was sold it was clear that a key piece of our growth engine was these email lists we were building. This is one of the must-have elements to any online sales funnel and Matt covers it here in this course.” Andrew Warner

"We actually have an active lead, huzzah!"

David Gafford Shift Credit Card Processing

"“Good stuff. Flexible in design improvement and accommodating requests. Excellent dev turn-around.”

Joel Hill Sharepoint Programmer

"I think things are going great! I always felt like my project was top priority. I enjoyed working with the team and would absolutely continue to hire Petovera for any additional needs. Thanks again! I have to tell you, I will hands down recommend you.”

Dawn Mazur Expert Coach Center

"My experience was excellent, had no complaints. Quality of designs, ability to adapt to our needs, variety of concepts, speed of production.... + "Extremely talented and easy to work with. Not only were your designs perfect for what we needed, but you were flexible and listened to all of our feedback, integrated it quickly and effectively into your designs. I would absolutely want to work with you in the future. You get a '5' from me!" ”

Joe Gullo Belltower Books

"Thanks for all the work you put into this program. I can't wait to learn more and see results on my client's site! The best thing about your program is that it can be applied to a number of businesses/industries. I really feel like I'm equipping myself to be a better marketer and freelancer overall."

Tram-Anh Le Founder at Tram-Anh's Treats

" I found your course very informative and suitable for small businesses."

Jahan Safdar Grow in Cloud

“Since working with and Matt four years ago, is profitable and basically runs on its own. I receive daily purchases for our eBook and I’m also getting regular paid speaking opportunities coming through the blog. My personal website has turned into an online sales funnel that has literally catapulted my dental practice and my personal brand onto an international level.” Chris Salierno DDS  

“lmplementing an effective sales funnel is so much more than just making sales. It’s about creating an “engine” for growth. It wasn’t until we figured out our funnel that growth truly kicked in. A huge part of that has been building trust by giving away great content. These are essential lessons for anyone doing business online.” 

Brian Casel,  

“Launching your business is obviously the first big step, but there’s another step we all need to take if we want to find the success we know we’re capable of. And that’s going from a scattered approach to sales and marketing, to a systemized approach that generates leads and sales CONSISTENTLY. I’ve seen the results myself and if you want to see the same results in your business, Matt’s course will show you the way.”

Jordan Gal

“We had 45 leads book appointments last month. Because of the funnel the leads came in with the exact response I had hoped for... Just the easiest enrollments ever.” 

Ric Martin Owner, Authentic Martial Arts  

"Our investment in your Six-Figure Sales funnel training has been a big change for us as a business, giving us a new focus and direction for our business. We've gotten our first client out of our new marketing automation service and are very excited to be getting started!" ​

Kathi Rabil Agency Owner,

"I can see value immediately. I have quite a bit to digest from this initial report, but I consider it all a good beginning. I wanted help in "focusing" my efforts and you have presented me with a clear path to follow. Great start! Thanks."

Sherman Hunter SDK Hunter 

"I can say that any serious marketer or do-it-yourself small business owner who doesn't invest in building a sustainable system for attracting new leads is putting their business at risk and in a position of disadvantage to competitors who do. Other than finding and hiring great, people building our sales funnel at Coplex was a key reason why we grew to a 7-figure agency and earning a spot on Inc Magazine's list of fastest growing companies. It's why the business is still around and profitable today. Matt shows you what to do and how to do it in this training."

Ilya Pozin Coplex & Pluto.TV

"So far, love the ease of sign-up and the package options. No friction."

Brenda Stoltz Ariad Partners

"I think the copywriting [resource] here is great. 10 out of 10."

Dr. Stan Poulos Plastic Surgery Specialists

"Before I worked with AutoGrow, I had no sales funnel, no organization, visitors would be overwhelmed by our content and then just leave. There was a disconnect between money and traffic that I wasn’t able to make. AutoGrow made that connection for me and helped plug all the holes, it generated $21,000 in new sales revenue in a matter of weeks."

Mike Caulo Founder, Life of A Fighter

"End result is a really good site that should bring in business, both investor and owner."

Keith McCartney Caribbean Highlands

"Loving the funnel deck I bought from you."  

Steven Losada Lead Marketer Andiamo Digital Marketing

"I think that you all are doing awesome.... Very very valuable. Definitely looking forward to traffic actually going to our funnel here shortly. Thanks and talk soon."

Lawrence Watkins The Black Business School

“I’ve been working with Matt and the team for over two years now. In that time, we’ve worked together to set up our sales funnel here at Apollo. Our conversions have quadrupled, leads have grown by more than 100% and revenue has more than doubled. The same concepts that Matt covers in the Sales Funnel Blueprint course are what has gotten my business to where it is now.” Kelly Cammack Managing Director, Apollo Answering Service  

“Although I didn’t call it a ‘sales engine’ at the time, part of the reason why VideoFruit was able to launch and become profitable so quickly was that I had a plan in mind: a conversion-focused funnel, content to feed new traffic and a follow-up process. I’d recommend [AutoGrow's] course for anyone who wants to get beyond just ‘hustling’ and build a business that consistently makes money.”  

  Bryan Harris  

“I used Matt’s launch formula to revive a dusty email list and generated 4-figures in 48 hours for a brand new service. I didn’t even need to incorporate everything to get results. Highly recommended.” Chris Erckert  

“The training definitely helped grow our business. Your copywriting insights & audience research methodologies were invaluable... It really felt like learning without being taught.” 

Edel Churchill Agency Owner  

"This was the exact type of strategic guidance that I was looking for," said Steve. CRM Switch grew their email capture rate over 110% within 4 weeks of starting work with AutoGrow. Steve Chipman CRM Switch

"I was on AutoGrow's email list for 6 months. I had spoken with other companies specializing in funnels and redesign. They kept harping on getting more traffic. I get 200,000 unique visitors per month. I don't have a traffic problem; I have a CONVERSION problem. Within three weeks of starting with AutoGrow, Google Analytics showed increased engagement, decreased bounce rate, and lead growth. The key traffic and lead generation metrics increased across the board. It was a wise investment."

Don Sevcik

“Since we've been working together, conversions on have increased 27% and on RichmondSavers it looks like they're up by at least 100% higher or double.” 

Brad Barrett Richmond Savers  

"I love the work you guys are doing and I love the Funnel Blueprint plans for this month and next."

Nick Colasante Land a Better Sales Job

"Very thorough analysis. It looks like you out quite a bit of effort into this. Keep up the good work!"

Helena Lui ExamsPM

"5 out of 5, happy to provide testimonial as a satisfied customer!"

Hugh Bollinger SWP Media Inc.

"This is great! Totally get + agree with you on all points. Great."

Evelyn Cotter Seven Career Coaching

"The course so far is excellent and I'm really liking the framework because it makes it easy to get your head around what to do. And I'm plowing through it because I have a situation that I want to implement ASAP as I'm sick of delaying while I try to perfect it… Anyway, some feedback keep up the great work."

Hendik Vos SEO Marketer Online Business Builders

"Great course! The content is well laid out and super relevant to some of my pain points. "

Nik Tarascio CEO, Ventura Air Services


Learn the secrets to creating highly persuasive online growth systems which are proven (we actually do this stuff), sustainable (nothing "blackhat"), and personalized (based on where you are at today). We publish quality resources as well as paid training products to accelerate your success with sales funnels, increasing traffic with content, building your email list, or growing your client and product conversion rate.