[April’s Growth] Growing Revenue, Traffic, & Scaling Our Operations

“Hey Google, what’s the temperature outside?”…

“Alexa, play 80’s music”…

That’s what it feels like to ask an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant to do something for you with just a voice command.

Now, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for our clients this past month. 

They ask us to design a beautiful sales page, they click a button and we do it for them…

They ask us to write an email sequence, they click a button and we do it for them…

They ask us to create a well-constructed sales funnel to manufacture sales, they click a button and they get it.

And all through the AutoGrow app.

This simple—yet innovative app—has simplified our clients’ digital marketing work because they can delegate any task to us through just one quick click.

Our app has been a key factor in our growth this past month. And even though the Coronavirus is still out there, we beat it and translated economic uncertainty into pure growth.

In today’s growth report, I’ll tell you:

  • The funnel marketing strategies we’ve been following at AutoGrow to recession-proof our business in April.
  • How we are refining our system and what simple tool has helped us systemize our processes.
  • And how we’re back on track to sustained growth and why that was possible in the middle of uncertain times.

As usual, join me on this journey through our last month’s growth.

The World’s Still In Chaos—But Here’s How We Recession-Proofed Our Business

We’re still in the Age of Corona but we’ve adapted to it.

And we’ve adapted so well that we grew revenue this month by over 6%.

You see, this whole situation with the Coronavirus has forced us all to work harder—and faster.

And since this economic uncertainty hit us all hard, we “recession-proofed” our business with some powerful funnel marketing strategies that resulted in $18,486.66 in revenue for April. 

You can apply strategies like this to business too because they’re simple and inexpensive.

And here’s exactly what we did this past month.

We kept A/B testing AutoGrow’s top-trafficked pages—our homepage and pricing page. Because A/B testing is a free way to test your assumptions and ensure you get the best outcome. 

We A/B tested copy on our homepage that focused on how our clients can delegate tasks to us vs. how they can sit back and watch those tasks get done.

Variation A:

Variation B:

Well, the result of the A/B testing was, that the delegating-focused copy won by 13.99%. 

And after running that A/B test, we successfully repositioned ourselves and emphasized our new copy on cost savings ($16,906 per month compared to hiring your own team). 

This strategy is absolutely the best way to learn what the market wants, as well as what’s unnecessary in your funnel. 

We also ran another A/B test on our pricing page which led to us making a simple change.


We just made the pricing chart more visible (Law of Visibility here) and this variation won by 5.57%.

And the third A/B test we ran this last month was using AutoTasks™ vs. Tasks in our copy. And surprisingly, the copy where we refer to any digital marketing tasks as “AutoTasks™”.

We invested zero money into doing this A/B test and it’s already massively optimizing our conversion rate.

And we’re already planning on running another A/B testing on our pricing page. I personally think that people are sensitive right now to recurring payments. So I’m thinking A/B testing a fixed price to see what the conversion would be the smartest next step.

What’s Good & New?

The AutoGrow App’s getting better and better baby! And partly because we’ve been iterating it faster.

Our live chat and notifications featured will be launched at the beginning of May. 

But here’s a sneak peek of how it’s looking like…

How about starting a chat with any of those good-looking fellows?

You got it. You get to talk to any of our team members—project managers, strategists, copywriters, etc. in real-time.

This live chat will give clients an even better experience with the app. It’ll also give them a smoother onboarding experience because the team will be like the middleman for them to delegate us the tasks they want.

It’s almost like asking Alexa or Google Home to play a song. But in this case, instead of a song, you ask for a digital marketing task to be completed.

Yeap. It’s that simple.

And in case you haven’t checked it out, take a look at our beautiful app…

Just imagine seeing your business’ name here…

And seeing the progress of your own tasks here…

Did you picture yourself checking the progress of your tasks through our app? 

Then check it out and become one of our satisfied clients. Which by the way, our client list is filling up pretty quickly. In fact, only in April, 5 new clients signed up.

And I think a lot of people are interested in our service because:

1. Our new content strategy that Matt’s been collaborating with over the past 6 weeks has helped create a better relationship with our audience. In fact, one of our newest clients signed up after reading one of our latest articles. The content team has been getting on video with Matt for each article published, and for sure, that builds trust with our audience. And this is another funnel marketing strategy that we’ve been following to recession-proof the business by the way.

2. We started offering 1-on-1 VIP consultation calls. This is for people who are interested in signing up but need some personalized attention. People can just schedule the call through our website at their convenience. Plus they get to talk to our strategists. The closing rate is already 20%. But this has definitely helped get more people interested in signing up.

We’re more than halfway back to where we were before the Coronavirus outbreak. Not only in terms of revenue growth but in terms of traffic growth.

We actually grew by 20.48% in unique users coming to our website. That’s an increase of 27,349 to 32,950 unique users. 

In the last 6 weeks, our newsletters’ click rate has increased significantly too since Matt started helping with content. 

We’ve also seen a huge growth in our email list this past month—997 new subscribers. 

How Are We Refining Our System?

One thing we’ve learned this past month is that checklists and documenting our processes are one of the best ways to refine our system.

Checklists have been one of the main reasons why team members have actually gotten better and better.

Using checklists and documenting our internal processes have also given Matt more “free” time to keep coding the app, and have helped the team deliver even more solid work for our clients.

Only in April, we earned 3 new testimonials from clients.

This is very exciting and it’s sort of like a reward for us.

One of these clients sells high-ticket training to hairstylists so they can transform their day-to-day to building their own business. 


The second testimonial is from a client who works with gold investment plans and runs his business from Spain…

And the third testimonial we earned is from the brain behind the “Can You Hear Me Now?” campaign from the 90’s who runs an advertising agency…


These testimonials really push us to keep self-improving and to only hire team members that are up to our standards.

That’s why we’ve “renovated” our hiring system.

We’re already saving time with this new process. 

And this is what we’re doing. After an applicant completes our skill test, our hiring manager evaluates if the work sample is good enough. Then, we assign to the candidate an on-spec project to test their abilities and see if they should be hired.

This new process lets us control the risk of investing money and time on someone who may not be a fit for our team. And finally, if the applicant’s on-spec task is great, then we hire them on a trial basis. 

We already hired one web developer and one copywriter under this new system. Because one lesson we’ve learned is to hire slower and slower.   

And Finally, Looking Ahead for Next Month…

  • We want to grow our sales (obviously), so Matt’s already planning on continuing to coach our strategist so he can close more sales more often.
  • We want to keep growing traffic, so Matt will still be collaborating with content for the next month.
  • We’re still looking to fill out some job positions and keep growing our team. 
  • Around $1,000 of revenue this month came from the sales of our products and that’s an interesting change that we’re planning on developing more.
  • We’re looking ahead to launching AutoGrow’s marketplace. 

Want to know how next month turns out? Stay tuned then for the following Growth Report!


Considering all the economic turmoil, we’re very optimistic about where the business is at.

Growing over 6% compared to last month in the middle of the Coronavirus has definitely been a challenge and a win.

With our new service repositioned as your tool that you can delegate all digital marketing tasks to, we’re expecting not only to grow revenue. But we’re also expecting to expand the number of sales closed per week and our traffic.

Retaining all clients’ accounts has certainly not been easy in the Age of Corona. But we’ve skillfully made our way through 💪.

And if you’re still uncertain about how to grow your revenue and expand your business, just reach out to us.

Today, you can delegate all of your digital marketing tasks to AutoGrow and not worry about the high costs of hiring. 

Let us help you scale your business while you save an average of $16,906 per month. 

And if you’re still on the fence, leave a comment below and let me know what you got from this article that was most beneficial.

And until the next growth report, let’s keep AutoGrowing.

Keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused,


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