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As featured in:’s mission is to accelerate creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Founded in 2010, we provide flexible, high-quality digital marketing services to help our clients grow their business. We see over 40,000 visits to the site per month.

Our core company values are: Continuous Self-Improvement, Creativity, and Enjoyment.

And we are always looking to bring new talent onto the team. Just have a look below to see some of the benefits of joining AutoGrow.  

Quality Assurance Specialist


  • Work part time from home—and in the future, possible full-time work opportunity based on your performance
  • Consistent workload
  • Proven, easy-to-learn work processes, systems, tools, and tasks
  • Work for a mission-focused company that provides a great service to our clients
  • Have fun while interacting and learning from fellow team members (we’re a team from all around the world!)
  • Learn new skills and upgrade your existing ones
  • Earn a monthly income that can grow into a full-time salary in the long term


We are looking for a Quality Assurance Specialist who can help us create and deliver high-quality work for our clients by ensuring that every single digital marketing task and/or project our team of pros work on not only align but exceeds (1) our (and our clients’) high-quality work standards (both copy, design, and strategy-wise), (2) the flow and functionality of all the digital marketing tasks and projects we build and/or optimize for our clients are apt to be launched, and (3) the strategy and functionality behind each client’s funnel we create and/or optimize for them work and have the high-quality standards we look for.

You *must* have work experience with implementing high-quality standards or quality control in marketing. We  are looking for someone who has high attention to detail.

You *must* have knowledge on digital marketing, sales funnels, design, copywriting, editing, and proofreading. You must possess the ability to edit the copy and ensure that it’s persuasive and works to sell.

You *must* be a detail-oriented person, organized, critical thinker, and must possess editing and/or proofreading experience.

You *must* be diligent, process-oriented, critical thinker, self-directed, proactive, and critical when providing feedback for copy and design.

You *must* feel comfortable providing written and/or verbal feedback for team members.

You will be expected to collaborate with all team members. Mainly QAing the work submitted by our copywriters (copy for landing pages, email sequences, ads, etc.), by our designers (landing pages, ads, logos, brand profiles, etc.), and by our digital marketing strategists (the funnel diagram he/she creates for clients). You’ll also work closely with our project managers to ensure all digital marketing tasks and projects we build have the quality needed before being launched and/or going live.

We are looking to work with someone for the long term and one of our core values as a company is relentless self-improvement. So if this describes you personally and professionally, you’ll be a fit for us.


  • Collaborate with all team members to ensure all copy, design, and strategy-related work for clients meet and exceed our high-quality control standards
  • Proofread and edit the copy of each digital marketing task or project written by our copywriters for our clients (short and long-form landing pages, pop-ups, lead magnets, email sequences, ads)
  • Provide strategic observations and objective feedback for all copy-related tasks to ensure all clients’ briefs requirements and context in their funnels are met
  • Visually check (and click links / fill out forms) on landing pages
  • Provide feedback to each team member so all high-quality standards are met for each task or project they complete
  • Walk through each client account to ensure each digital marketing task and project (and the whole funnel) meet all high-quality standards and are ready to be launched and/or go live
  • Making sure all tasks and projects we create have *zero* errors or mistakes (all the work done and shared with our clients must be flawless) 
  • Attend daily sync-ups at 10:30 am EST and 3 pm EST through our web app, and weekly team video calls on Tuesdays at 3pm EST, and participate with constructive ideas on how to improve your work
  • The QA Specialist is responsible for the quality of the work shared with clients


  • Must have a reliable, stable internet connection (we’re a virtual team)
  • Must be diligent and enjoy being a perfectionist
  • Experience in Quality Assurance for copy and design, editing, and proofreading
  • Must have digital marketing experience (selling info products, lead gen for services businesses, etc.) 
  • Must be friendly, responsible, proactive, and enjoy working with a proven process through a web app
  • Must be self-directed, responsible, competent, diligent, proactive (we expect you to do your work without any reminders)
  • Must be able to meet deadlines and to ensure all the work completed for clients have no errors
  • Must be a native English speaker
  • Must be available to work between 9 am EST and 5 pm EST (New York Time)
  • Must complete a skill test and 2-week training as documented on our wiki, as given by our assistant
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What It's Like Working with Us

Working for AutoGrow was a great experience with a responsive team and committed leader... The weekly Skype/ Zoom calls helped the team stay connected and on track with our projects. The consistency of working with fellow team members online throughout the day also is very nice for someone who wants to work from home while still socializing with coworkers. AutoGrow continues to grow and adapt to the needs of the clients, as many online companies do.  

Candice Lehman | Project Manager — Austin, TX

Bill Grover | Copywriter — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Meredith Boe | Content Writer — Chicago, USA

I have worked with Matt for Autogrow (Petovera) for more than 8 years already. Started as a junior freelance Graphic Designer. It has given me opportunities over the years. Exploring a variety of design creation from logo to websites and other branded contents. AutoGrow has been a great training ground to make you think out of the box and combining concept elements to content.

Juko Glaraga | Designer — Manila, Philippines 

Accelerate Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Accelerate Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Spirit