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As featured in:’s mission is to accelerate creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Founded in 2010, we provide flexible, high-quality digital marketing services to help our clients grow their business. We see over 40,000 visits to the site per month.

Our core company values are: Continuous Self-Improvement, Creativity, and Enjoyment.

And we are always looking to bring new talent onto the team. Just have a look below to see some of the benefits of joining AutoGrow.  



  • Full-time work from home or any other place (we are a virtual team)
  • Consistent workload and workflow (we sell a single, focused monthly subscription service)
  • Proven, easy to learn work process
  • Work for a mission-focused company that provides a great service
  • Have fun while interacting and learning from fellow team members
  • Learn new skills and upgrade your existing ones


We are looking for someone who has experience in designing landing pages, lead magnets, website pop-ups, custom icons for download incentive (i.e. lead magnets), call-to-action buttons (CTA buttons), and has access to stock photo resources. The lead magnets may vary from ebook, checklist, pricing info request, or free email course. The Designer who will be best for this role is someone who wants more variety and opportunity to implement his/her creativity across different markets and business models.

The Designer should have experience in working with site/page builders especially Lead Pages.

We are a systems and process-oriented company. This is part of what makes us and the people we work with special.

We are looking to work with someone for the long-term.

Finally, one of our core values as a company is relentless self-improvement. If this describes how you like to live your life personally and professionally, you'll fit in well with us.


  • Reading our training page, collaborate / delegate to other team members, and follow our process 
  • Design landing pages with design elements (colors, stock photos, font sizing and font family) that match the client’s website
  • Customize or create images and pop-ups with design elements that match the customer’s website 
  • Brainstorm and suggest designs based on digital publishing best practices 
  • Format lead magnets into attractive PDFs 
  • Provide simple design support
  • Attend daily team sync-ups at 1030am EST, Monday - Friday.
  • Attend weekly team meets via video on Tuesdays at 3pm EST and participate with constructive ideas 


  • Must have a reliable, stable internet connection 
  • Must be reliable, diligent and enjoy having a position where staying organized and communicating clearly is key 
  • Experienced in graphic and/or web design and preferably with UX background
  • Must be technically savvy enough to be comfortable learning and using new software (we use Trello for project management)
  • Must be available for weekly team calls and contribute with ideas for how to improve your work process
  • Not a requirement but a plus: Proficiency in marketing software like OptinMonster, Thriveleads, SumoMe and Leadpages
  • Customer-focused attitude but also able to follow specific directions every week via our checklists, templates, and other instructional media used to operate the business
  • A positive, enthusiastic attitude with good organizational skills
  • Creative, solution-oriented mindset; able to consider tactical details and think on a strategic level.
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Great communication skills
  • Diligent in completing daily checklist and attending sync-up and team meetings.
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What It's Like Working with Us

Working for AutoGrow was a great experience with a responsive team and committed leader... The weekly Skype/ Zoom calls helped the team stay connected and on track with our projects. The consistency of working with fellow team members online throughout the day also is very nice for someone who wants to work from home while still socializing with coworkers. AutoGrow continues to grow and adapt to the needs of the clients, as many online companies do.  

Candice Lehman | Project Manager — Austin, TX

Bill Grover | Copywriter — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Meredith Boe | Content Writer — Chicago, USA

I have worked with Matt for Autogrow (Petovera) for more than 8 years already. Started as a junior freelance Graphic Designer. It has given me opportunities over the years. Exploring a variety of design creation from logo to websites and other branded contents. AutoGrow has been a great training ground to make you think out of the box and combining concept elements to content.

Juko Glaraga | Designer — Manila, Philippines 

Accelerate Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Accelerate Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Spirit