ABOUT YOU (The Ideal Candidate)

  • You: You love learning about and working with various ad platforms (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube), you like working and communicating with fellow team members to help a client’s marketing ideas to be “made real”. You’re a pro at managing ad budgets and making suggestions for how to improve ads and conversion performance. Setting up a new campaign? No problem, you can do that blindfolded. Making it convert? You’ve got ideas—though strategy isn’t your focus. You’re alway up to date on new ad platform policies and you’re very open to learning new ad tools and platforms. You are simply a MASTER at researching to find and target the Right People who are the Perfect Match for a client’s funnel / campaign.

  • You and The Work: Day to day you’ll receive tasks from Project Managers who handle most of client communications. Occasionally, you might communicate with clients if needed to solve a specific issue and for faster communication. Tasks are straightforward if you are diligent. Most common examples include: researching a target market, making ad recommendations, optimizing existing campaigns, setting up a new campaign, setting up tracking and conversion goals, keyword research. You’ll communicate thru live chat daily with team members. Responsiveness is key.
  • Your Experience / Knowledge: 1+ years experience and it’s definitely a plus if you have third party certifications. Ideally, you have experience with all the top major ad platforms.

ABOUT US’s mission in this world is to accelerate creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit (“Creation Acceleration”). Founded in 2010, we are growing and provide a focused product to help our business clients delegate their creative / digital marketing projects instantly to qualified professionals—all without the headaches of hiring. Our website sees over 50,000 visits to the site per month and has been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Mixergy, and other well-known publications. AutoGrow’s growth goal is to hire 1,000 qualified new team members in the next 9 months.

 Our company Core Values are: Continuous Self-Improvement, Creativity, and Enjoyment (in that order of priority). Part of The Vision: invest in a Private Island to be enjoyed with Team Members and our Favorite Clients for work purposes, vacations, and celebrations as we keep growing to achieve new heights of success.

We will hire 2-3 amazing Ads Managers to join us full-time on this Journey (on average only 2-3% of applicants make the cut).

 Will it be you?


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What It's Like Working with Us

Working for AutoGrow was a great experience with a responsive team and committed leader... The weekly Skype/ Zoom calls helped the team stay connected and on track with our projects. The consistency of working with fellow team members online throughout the day also is very nice for someone who wants to work from home while still socializing with coworkers. AutoGrow continues to grow and adapt to the needs of the clients, as many online companies do.  

Candice Lehman | Project Manager — Austin, TX

Bill Grover | Copywriter — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Meredith Boe | Content Writer — Chicago, USA

I have worked with Matt for Autogrow (Petovera) for more than 8 years already. Started as a junior freelance Graphic Designer. It has given me opportunities over the years. Exploring a variety of design creation from logo to websites and other branded contents. AutoGrow has been a great training ground to make you think out of the box and combining concept elements to content.

Juko Glaraga | Designer — Manila, Philippines 

Accelerate Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Accelerate Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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