How to Create a Sales Funnel for Your Agency [Free Template]

Most of our clients are digital marketing agencies (like you?).

And so far, we’ve built hundreds of agency sales funnels for them.

Some of those clients ask us to build their sales funnel for their agency (and for their clients too).

And some other clients come to us with already-built sales funnels and ask us for a “diagnosis” of why they’re not converting.

We’ve found there were key reasons (repeated patterns) why those agency sales funnels weren’t succeeding.

And today, I’m going to reveal them to you.

In this article, I’ll tell you:

  • How to create your own agency sales funnel—and the strategies that’ll get you results, minimize relying on networking and word of mouth—and ultimately scale your agency.
  • The key ingredients that, regardless of your target market, will make your agency sales funnel work.
  • Plus you get to download our free proven-to-convert agency sales funnel template so you can copy it, take action on it, and start scaling your business.

In return, all I ask is for you to just email me about how your agency funnel performed. Fair?

Ok good, so here’s the first thing you need to know…

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Why Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Need a Sales Funnel Anyway?

To sell your services. Duh!

Your sales funnel is what’s going to accelerate your sales and guide your potential clients into the right path they need to take to click “Sign Up.”

Imagine a labyrinth for a second.

If you want to make your way through the labyrinth, you need to first start at one point and take the right path to successfully get out of there.

Without the right signs or with a dark path, you’ll only feel trapped and will want to look for the closest exit.

The same thing happens to prospects when they come across your website.

Without a sales funnel, they won’t know where to start, what path to take, and how to exit satisfied.

So if you’re wondering how to scale your digital marketing agency, then you need a sales funnel to sell your services. And to nurture the relationship with existing clients.


Now that you know why you need an agency sales funnel, let’s see which are the key ingredients that’ll make your sales funnel strategy a money-making machine.

Key Ingredients Your Agency Sales Funnel Must Have

Like any successful recipe, your agency sales funnel requires a combination of ingredients that’ll make it work.

And in this recipe, the order matters. It matters a lot.

So if you’re looking to create a sales funnel for your digital marketing agency to get more clients, here are the key elements you need to put in place (I’ll tell you later where exactly to put them).

And I’ll be using the following agency sales funnel to walk you through it.

Want a bulletproof sales funnel that can sell your digital marketing agency services and convert clients like crazy?  Click here to download our proven-to-work agency sales funnel template for FREE now.

Lead Magnet Landing Page

First and foremost, you want to drive any traffic coming from any source.

Whether it’s from your Google AdWords strategy for lead generation. Or from your retargeting ads strategy. Or from your email list—you’ll drive all that traffic to your lead magnet landing page.

What is a lead magnet landing page anyway?

A lead magnet is designed to automatically bring leads right to your sales funnel’s entry point.



And with it, you can fill your pipeline with potential clients who are ready to buy whatever you’re selling. In the case of your agency, to sign up for your services.

But in order for your lead magnet to work, you have to get people to actually download it first.

And that’s where your lead magnet landing page comes in.

With a strategically designed and high-converting lead magnet landing page for your agency, you can pique the interest of your site visitors. You can entice them to click “Download.” And you can send them straight into your agency sales funnel.

All that to eventually get them to sign up for your service.

This first ingredient or stage in your agency sales funnel is super easy.

Because even if you don’t know how to create a lead magnet landing page from scratch, Leadpages—a digital marketing tool that we love—lets you do so in a snap.

Alright, now that you know what the first ingredient of our agency sales funnel is, then let’s move to the second one.

Have you guessed yet what it is?

Lead Magnet

You guessed it!

The next ingredient of your agency sales funnel is your lead magnet.

Your lead magnet attracts prospective clients just like metal to a magnet.

And by offering readers something for free, you create a proposal few can refuse.

However, you have to offer something they actually want and need.

Something valuable.

And when they get that “something valuable” they have to give you something in exchange: their email address (this will be how you’ll reach out to prospects).

You see, according to Focus Vision, the average B2B buyer (aka your audience) consumes, on average, 13 pieces of content along their purchasing journey.

And 70% of that content is found on company websites.

This way, both parties win.

So if you’re wondering how to create a lead magnet from scratch, or don’t have the best lead magnet examples to get inspiration from, or don’t know how to get more downloads for your lead magnet—no worries.

I get how difficult it can be to create your first lead generation funnel. Especially when you don’t have a sales funnel template to download.

But all that is what we do best at AutoGrow. We can help you create your lead magnets, lead magnet landing page, copy for any project, and web development, design, and more.

Because let me tell you something, there are plenty of benefits of outsourcing your agency’s client work to a team of pros.

And with that being said, let’s see what comes after your prospective client downloads your valuable lead magnet.

Thank You/Congrats Page

Just like in any coaching sales funnel, eCommerce sales funnel, or any other sales funnel—right after your prospective client takes action on something, you *must* acknowledge that action and thank them.


Because it would be rude for you to do something nice for someone and no one thanks you for it, right?

The same happens with the leads that enter your funnel.

They need to be reminded that you care about them as individuals, not only about them taking their wallets out.

As found in an Adobe study, 79% of consumers want you to show that you care about them before even making a purchasing decision.

Right after they download your lead magnet, you’re going to thank them or congratulate them on that action they just took.

This will help you nurture the relationship with them. And you’ll “look nice” in front of them for simply being polite.

Now, your prospective client’s journey through your agency sales funnel is not over yet.

Saying “thank you” in this case isn’t a farewell. It’s actually a way to ask them to come back soon.


By adding the next step on your agency sales funnel…

Sales Landing Page

This is the place where most of the magic will happen.

It’s exactly where prospects are going to learn more about you and your service.

What is it that you offer that you want clients to sign up for?

What is that huge problem you solve for them that no one else does?

How easy is it to sign up for your service?

What benefits will your clients get from signing up for your digital marketing agency’s service?

All that (and more) you’ll add it to this landing page.

You’ll basically introduce yourself more in-depth.

You’ll share your social proof.

And you’ll share your FAQs.

Another thing to consider for your landing pages is to keep your sign-up form length to a minimum.

Research from Omnisend found that asking for birth dates and genders can decrease your conversion rates by roughly 5%.

So just stick to asking for a name and an email address for best results. Although, it might not cripple your landing page if you also asked for a lead’s industry.



Because in the lead magnet stage, your prospects found out about you. But they didn’t know at that point who you really are.

So here’s where you’ll introduce yourself and persuade potential clients to stay loyal to your brand or to sign up for your service—whatever your goal is.

Because sometimes you don’t want a prospect to sign up right away if they’re not ready yet.

It’s like dating someone.

Right after you meet the person, you don’t expect them to want to marry you, right?

You expect to get to know the person a little better (and the person will get to know you too).

And when the right moment comes, then you’ll pop the question with a very shiny ring.

In the case of your sales page, the question is “Will you sign up for my service?”

And (luckily) you won’t need a ring for this.

Just a shiny, high-contrasting CTA button to make that prospect click!

Okay, just as it can happen in your personal life, that person may say “no” and leave.

But as heartbroken as you’ll be to see that someone special leave, you won’t give up completely.

Instead, you’ll reach out to them via an…

Email Follow-Up Sequence


Lead magnet landing page—check ✔️.

Lead magnet—check ✔️.

Thank you page—check ✔️.

Sales page—check ✔️.

It’s now time for your email sequence follow-up to make those prospects who left your funnel come back.

At this point nothing is lost.

In fact, while email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing channels, it’s actually one of the most effective ways to grow any business and reach out to leads who exited your funnel.

In fact, about 81% of small to medium businesses use email as their primary method for customer acquisition according to Emarys.

And it all comes down to returns.

The Data & Marketing Association found that the return on investment for strategic email marketing can be as high as 42:1.

Put another way, every $1 invested in email marketing can yield $42 in returns.

You need email marketing.

That’s why an email follow-up sequence in your agency sales funnel is necessary.

You see, you can build your first email sales funnel in less than 3 hours. That’s right!

Now, an email sales funnel—or email funnel—works in a similar way. Except, instead of nagging your potential leads with email after email, you’re nurturing the relationship with them.

You’re giving value, not being obnoxious. That’s what an effective email sales funnel does.

And when you know how to do it, you can convert more subscribers into clients than through any other marketing channel.

So your email follow-up sequence will be three-fold:

  • It will nurture your relationship with an existing email subscriber.
  • It will educate a potential client on the benefits of your service (or about the problem you help them solve).
  • It will nudge them to make a purchase decision.

And it will follow our email sequence “Vacuum” formula to suck up new leads.

Plus, with email marketing automation tools like ActiveCampaign, you can even tag contacts based on actions they take (or don’t take) on your website.

This is a key ingredient of your agency sales funnel because people stop and read their email more than any other marketing channel.

In fact, Sleep Advisor found that nearly 1 out of every 5 Americans will check their email immediately after waking up.

On top of that, a whopping 55% of people will do the same within an hour after waking up.

So it’s clear that people love checking their email, right?

“But Matt, what about engagement?”

That’s another great point.

OptinMonster actually found that email has significantly higher engagement—even than social media.

Like almost 6.5X higher engagement.


And if you personalize the emails you send to your prospects, the results will be even better.

In fact, a study by Upland Software, marketers found that there are some huge benefits (like increase in open rates) that go along with greater email personalization.


So higher open rates means more potential clients signing up for your digital marketing service.

So now you know you need to reach out to prospects via an email sequence.

But you can also do so via an…

Exit Pop-Up

Ok, imagine your prospect navigating through your site for a sec.

But then they exit your website and never ever visit again.

If that’s the person from my analogy above that you’re about to ask to marry or to keep dating and they say no—you gotta make them change their minds.

So you should persuade them that there’s no one like you 😎. And that leaving your site is their worst decision.

But don’t push it though. You don’t want to seem too needy or salesy.

So in order to gain back that potential client, add an exit pop-up to your landing pages. And literally tell them “Hey, before you go, here’s something you should know first…”

In all likelihood, you’ve probably lost 10s, 100s, or even 1000s of lead just like that potential client because you didn’t try one more time to get them to see value in your services.

Actually, Invesp says that 6 out of 10 customers say “no” before saying “yes”.

Rolling over is easy but not wise.

So solve that problem by adding an exit pop-up.

This will only be shown to potential clients who are navigating through your site and are about to exit a landing page.

And once you gain them back, you can now end up convincing them to sign up for your service and redirect them to your…

Checkout Page

After your prospects are ready to sign up for your service on your sales page where they learned a lot about you, you’ll redirect them to your checkout page.

Here’s where your clients will actually become clients.

They’ll add their billing information. And finally, they’ll start uncovering the benefits of being your digital marketing agency’s client!

But Your Digital Marketing Agency Sales Funnel Doesn’t End Here…

Have you ever heard “Recycle, reduce, reuse”? It means:

  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce.
  • Reuse items as much as you can before replacing them.
  • Recycle items wherever and whenever possible.

Those same principles apply to your digital marketing sales funnel.

After building your funnel and launching it, you need to iterate on it.

See what’s working and what’s not.

There are always plenty of funnel optimization tweaks you *should* do to boost conversions for your agency sales funnel.

And by iterating your agency sales funnel, you’ll be:

  • Reducing the time you waste listening to marketing gurus who tell you they know “everything” about your agency.
  • Reuse and tweak the assets you’ve built (like the key ingredients of your agency sales funnel listed above) before redoing them completely. (Again, apply the funnel optimization tweaks for this purpose first if you’re not seeing results right away).
  • Recycle any useful content that you can repurpose for your audience when you can. For example, if your current lead magnet isn’t converting as you’ve hoped, then take that content and repurpose it for a different lead magnet type. If you were offering a long, boring ebook, then adapt that content to a checklist or short guide. Your lead magnet may not be converting not because of the content but because of the format.

Once you keep taking action on your agency sales funnel…

Once you keep using digital marketing agency tools to improve your funnel…

And once you keep facing the right way the challenges your agency goes through—then and only then, you’ll start seeing happy leads converting into hyper happy, satisfied clients.

And you’ll be scaling your business to the next level.


Want a bulletproof sales funnel that can sell your digital marketing agency services and convert clients like crazy? Click here to download our proven-to-work agency sales funnel template for FREE now.

Don’t you feel more confident about how to get more clients for your digital marketing agency?
Your agency sales funnel will simply help you design the right path to clients.

In this article, I listed down all the necessary ingredients that your agency sales funnel needs in order to convert more prospects into paying clients.

Once you put them together in the order I outlined above, you’ll get not only a client but a lead, email subscriber, and money-making funnel.

And to review, here are the key ingredients you need to put in place for your funnel:

  • Lead magnet landing page
  • Lead magnet
  • Thank You or congrats page
  • Sales page
  • Exit-intent pop-up
  • Email follow-up sequence
  • Checkout page

Again, this is just your starting point to start converting more clients.

You can iterate on it, tweak it, and optimize it for better results. And of course, tailor it to your agency’s needs.

And if you’re uncertain about how to execute on your agency sales funnel, AutoGrow can help you with all your digital marketing needs.

We can create not only your sales funnel but all of your clients’ funnels too.

We can create the strategy and execute on it.

And we can handle every single part of your agency and your clients’ businesses—from web development to copywriting, and from CRO to design and optimization.

But tell me something quickly, did you already know how to build a sales funnel for your digital marketing agency?

Which new stages or ingredients have you discovered from this article?

Will you download your agency sales funnel template to tailor it to your business?

Let me know in the comments below.

Keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused—and get ready for Christmas!

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