30 Indispensable Online Resources For Effective Content Marketing


We talk about content marketing so often that we sometimes forget to define it, or note its affect on businesses. Simply put, it’s digital marketing that includes the formation and distribution of media (e.g. content) to gain customers.

And it is imperative for success.

Fortunately, with the right strategy and software, utilizing content marketing to advance your company’s online profile isn’t difficult. There are endless helpful resources online. I’ve broken them down into 10 categories for easy navigation. Seek support, use technology to your advantage and try the following options to increase productivity and to obtain stellar results.


Writers who use Draft are able to view drafts (from different times) side by side, cloud sync, transcribe and collaborate with this advantageous and simplistic tool. Team-oriented work is present in every single industry, and writing is no exception. Draft makes writing and editing processes more manageable, particularly when collaborators are working from different locations.

Evernote syncs with all of your devices and is a useful organization tool. Compile information from multiple resources and for full collaborative options, upgrade to premium. Having the ability to organize your ideas, and write them down at any given moment, is crucial.


Build solid content with EssayMama, an online agency composed of a team of editors who hold doctorate degrees. It is a beneficial resource when writers feel blocked. Our experience with them has been nothing short of brilliant so far. They really do some great work, and deliver it consistently.


Plagiarism is a problem that marketers face daily. Use Plagtracker’s unique checking algorithm to be sure content is original. Not only will you stand out from the crowd and attract more readers that way, but your work will rank more highly on search engines, which favor evergreen content.


Pippity focuses on optimizing advertising conversations and provides complete customization control over pop-ups and also provides analytics. You want the readers to feel like you went the extra mile for them, even if we are talking about pop-ups.

Scribe is an easy-to-use content marketing software that analyzes your content, offers advice, aids in research and crosslinks all content to increase time on site. Learning to speak the same language as your audience is more difficult than it might seem. This app really comes in handy as an interpreter of sorts

Video Creation

Brainshark is a sales software that enables the user to create, share and measure online video content, thus providing efficient training and increased demand. Being more efficient at converting your audience and growing your business is just as important as providing great content for the readers.

KnowledgeVision, a flexible online presentation software, is used to sell, advocate, teach or pitch any idea. Marketers will benefit from their analytics and powerful, well-designed apps. Media-oriented nature of this resource goes hand in hand with user habits, with them preferring multimedia content at all time.

Jing is a free, simple and quick way to share video content online. They offer tutorials and 5-minute video limits that force marketers to use focused interaction. It’s simply a fact that video tutorials are a lot more efficient than their textual and image-based counterparts.

Graphic Design

Canva is a relatively young design startup that already has more than 10 million users worldwide – and growing fast. Canva’s impressively easy to use presentation tool can help in making stunning presentations. Canva’s free presentation software can engage the audience very easily. Canva’s free presentation maker also gives access to hundreds of beautifully designed layouts to create presentations on any topic.

Social Media Management

Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media marketing content in one place. Save time and streamline your accounts to expand productivity. Keeping track of every single element of your online presence individually is admirable, but ultimately ineffective and time-consuming.

Buffer is similar to Hootsuite but focuses on publishing and driving traffic. It can connect to outside automation tools and has a worldwide support team at your disposal. Knowing when their readers are active on social networks is every good content marketer’s bread and butter.


Sprinklr allows businesses to plan campaign calendars and monitor trends across 8 social media platforms. It also observes, translates and performs text analytics. Although it is hard work to be  aware of every single bit of analytics data, it’s exactly what provides you with that much-needed edge over your rivals.


Yoast builds plug-ins for WordPress and its objective website optimization. It can push your distribution to the next level, making your site easier to navigate and more reliable. Despite the changes introduced by Google, SEO is still very important, which makes Yoast still the best tool for the job.

Slideshare will enable you to create and share slide presentations, collect business leads, review analytics and expand your understanding of content marketing distribution with this tool (integrated with Linkedin). Slides are also a great way of condensing important data and presenting them in a visually appealing form.

Cadence9 is a content marketing solution that executes a complimentary audit of social media content and enhances your editorial calendars, content control and advertising workflow. If maintaining and expanding ones social media influence in an intelligent way is what you are after, check out this gem.


CVENT has gained attention as a comprehensive event-marketing tool allowing users to search venues, manage budgets, provide online registration and market events with targeted campaigns. With this resource, you can turn your events into unique experiences and inspire at the same time.

EventPro provides a structure with a catering add-on and complete event management assistance. Users work with budgets, floor plan layouts, data analysis and more. It is an expansive management platform that covers every single aspect of marketing.

Certain can aid in building truly meaningful connections through marketing. It offers easy event check-in and reporting, platform overviews and marketing automation. Making sure that participating in events is a smooth affair is often neglected, which is unfortunate and can lead to frustration on the part of your clients.


With GoToMeeting, businesses can create unpretentious and stylish meeting rooms and provide connections from anywhere, on any device. Changing you usual webinar environment can be like a breath of fresh air that will spark your creativity.

WebEx includes training, tech support and event management features as well as meeting rooms. Voted Best New Video conferencing System by InfoComm in 2015, WebEx is equally efficient whether you are hosting a video conference for two or 22 people.

ReadyTalk has web, audio and video conferencing options and offers custom integration and connectivity tools. This will allow you to adjust settings depending on your company’s size, the location of your staff, and your communication needs.


Toggl is a time tracking tool (on and offline) allows marketers to delegate priorities, assign tasks, export time sheets and integrate with Google Docs. Toggl will help your marketing operation run like a tight ship, with you at the helm.

NewsCred is an all-in-one platform that focuses on the entire marketing process while managing content creation and distribution. It’s clients include Fortune 500 companies like Visa and Pepsi, so you’ll be in good company.

CoSchedule integrates with Google docs, WordPress and Facebook to strategize your marketing and allows users to build editorial calendars and schedule social media. CoSchedule also has a nifty little tool which enables you to create intriguing, click-worthy headlines.


The unassuming social media analytics tool Crowdbooster includes exportable graphs, tweet scheduling and real-time data to boost your online authority. If you find Google Analytics too massive and confusing, Crowdbooster might be the way to go.

Simplereach focuses on content analytics and aids marketers in strengthening their content while building brand alertness. Unlike most analytics software, which provides you with after-the-facts analysis, this one uses predictive algorithms.

With Woopra, marketers receive real-time customer analytics and automations. The tool shapes profiles for every single user and syncs all data to track activity. Woopra provides you with its analysis of your every reader/user, giving unparalleled breadth of data.

Influencer & Advocate Marketing

Amplifinity is a referral-marketing platform (packed with features and technology integration) that digitally scales referrals to design a dependable path for customer attainment. Influencer-based marketing is one of the most elusive, yet genuine ways of increasing your conversion rates.

Traackr is an influence-based marketing platform that aids in recognizing your influencers, developing relationships and uses metrics to gauge your impact. Finding the right influencers boils down to knowing people, but a tool like this still comes in handy.

Straigthforward, quick and simple to use; Buzzsumo analyzes content implementation to help marketers identify what’s working and what’s not. Knowing your niche and knowing how your content perform is made easy with BuzzSumo.


With content marketing you want to start from the ground up and construct a well-oiled machine. There are many facets to the process and it’s an important strategy for creating (and maintaining) customer relationships.

Small and big business alike need to build effective systems to push their content marketing to the next level. With these suggestions at your fingertips, you can begin to identify your weaknesses to define a new content marketing approach, so start making those changes today!

If you’re wondering about what programs will help you to generate the most sales, head over to our main page to learn how AutoGrow can help. Our cutting-edge funnel service that will help you obtain leads, customize your marketing strategy, and make your campaign more efficient and effective than ever!

Author: Kenneth Waldman is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience. His expertise includes education, marketing and freelancing. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.

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